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Claire is an environmental biologist with a particular interest in understanding the relationships between environmental factors and the distributions of different species and biological communities. She received her PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2003, where she analysed a large observational data set to identify freshwater macroinvertebrate communities that were diagnostic of particular chemical and physical site conditions. Claire then spent five years working at the Environment Agency of England and Wales and a further five years in environmental consultancy, conducting and managing research into the environmental impacts of pesticides, biocides and industrial chemicals.

Since joining the Department of Zoology in 2013, Claire has compiled a global database of mosquito bionomics data (ecology and behaviour) for the dominant vectors of human malaria, which will contribute to the better targetting of appropriate vector control strategies. This dataset is freely available for download from Dryad. She is now working on the Humbug project (www.humbug.ac.uk), which aims to develop an acoustic sensor that can detect the presence of malaria vectors in real-time. The geo-spatial occurrence data collected by the sensors, together with occurrence data compiled from published literature and unpublished data sources, will be used to improve vector occurrence maps and to increase our understanding of the relationships between the distribution of the mosquitoes and environmental variables. This research will initially focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

Claire also works on the NaturEtrade project, contributing to aspects of the project management and focusing on communications and stakeholder engagement.


Selected Publications

Massey, N.C., Garrod, G., Wiebe, A., Henry, A.J., Huang, Z., Moyes, C.L., Sinka, M.E. (2016) A global bionomic database for the dominant vectors of human malaria. Scientific Data 3: 160014.

Massey, N.C., Garrod, G., Wiebe, A., Henry, A.J., Huang, Z., Moyes, C.L., Sinka, M.E. (2016) Data from: A global bionomic database for the dominant vectors of human malaria. Dryad Digital Repository. http://dx.doi.org/10.5061/dryad.49p7f

Sinka, M.E., Golding, N., Massey, N.C., Wiebe, A., Huang, Z., Hay, S.I., Moyes, C.L. (2016) Modelling the relative abundance of the primary African vectors of malaria before and after the implementation of indoor, insecticide-based, vector control. Malaria Journal 15:142.