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Zia Mehrabi, DPhil student in the Long term ecology lab, writes:

“I recently returned from a field work campaign in Ethiopia. Often researchers spend their time away from the field reporting data they so diligently gather. However mostly none of the large research projects you have ever heard about would have been possible without an essential component of the field program: hard working field assistants. These are the people that go through the thick of it. They are the people that make it happen. So this is a shout out to all of them. Especially to Dareje from my recent trip, who trekked 25km a day across difficult terrain, with large amounts of equipment, in and out of torrential rains. And kept going, whatever was thrown at him.”
Zia Mehrabi-3
I stepped outside and found that Dareje and Dasee seemed to have had enough of pressing specimens. Instead they had taken to reading the paper. Classic.

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