Oxford Long-Term Ecology Lab

Long-Term Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship Technologies

I have a background in Midwifery Research as a Midwife from 1979-1981 with Professor Christopher Redman of the Silver Star Team and with Professor Wass (1997 – 1999) in Endocrinology Research in Acromegaly and the Growth Hormone; I went on to read English and Religious Studies, (part time from 2000-2008 at Oxford Brookes University) following which I worked at Research Services (Science Area), as an Administrator for 10 years and retired; Needless to say I didn’t like retirement and returned to work after a year with TSS for the George Institute and the successful launch of INDOX.  Covid happened on March 27, 2020 following which the project had to close. I was fortunate to return again to work with OxLEL and make a positive contribution to the department.



Selected Publications