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Academic profile

Carolina is an Early Career Research Fellow at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. She is an ecologist with a primary interest in the biogeography of tropical regions.
She gained her undergraduate degree in Biology at the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (Peru), an MSc degree in Conservation of Forestry Resources from the same university and a second MSc degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. She recently completed her PhD studies at the University of Oxford in the Oxford Long-term Ecology Lab. Her thesis focused on understanding the persistence of the tropical African rainforest in the last 6000 years under climate change and fire impact using palaeoecological records.
Carolina has also been teaching assistant at the Department of Biology in the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (Peru) in 2001 and a Research Fellow at the Conservation Data Centre from the same University between 2002 and 2008, prior to her MSc studies at the University of Amsterdam.


Current research

Carolina’s research aims to understand spatial biodiversity patterns, the ecological processes behind them and the impact of disturbances (e.g. land use change, fires and climate change) on those patterns in both the short (years to decades) and long term (centuries to thousands of years).

Her current project at Kew analyses the role of dispersal processes for plant biodiversity in the Tropical Andes under different climate change scenarios. Dispersal is a key process for species persistence especially in fragmented environments such as mountain regions due to both natural and anthropogenic causes. She is addressing this important topic by using a combination of dispersal traits, palaeoecological data and species distribution models.

Selected Publications

2014. Tovar, C., E. Breman, T. Brncic, D. Harris, R. Bailey, K. Willis. Influence of 1100 years of burning on the central African rainforest. Ecography 37(11): 1139-1148.

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Books and chapters

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