Oxford Long-Term Ecology Lab

Long-Term Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship Technologies

Danielle is the Lab Technician for the group, ensuring that the facilities are kept up to standard. This includes record keeping for the APHA licensed material, and checking safety measures for the pollen and dendro work that goes on in the clean lab.

Danielle graduated in 2009 from Southampton University with an MChem in Chemistry and works for the Long-Term Ecology Lab part time.

Since Spring 2021 she has been investigating how the sugar resources from flowering plants might compete with Attractive Toxic Sugar Baited mosquito traps. This has involved developing a protocol to measure the nectar volume and concentration present in flowers that can be used both in the botanical gardens here in Oxford, and by research colleagues at Gullele Botanic Garden in Addis Ababa.

Selected Publications