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Gabriel co-founded the Sylva Foundation with Sir Martin Wood. He has considerable practical hands-on experience in land management, extensive knowledge of the forest sector and is a specialist in hardwood forestry research (with a doctorate in walnut research from the University of Oxford). He is a passionate advocate for forestry, authoring more than over 60 technical papers and articles, writes a personal forestry blog, and is writing currently The New Sylva to be published by Bloomsbury in 2014. Previously he has collaborated widely in several international research initiatives. During the 1990s and early 2000s he organised the establishment of more than 25 field trials across the UK and Ireland, and developed Britain’s first independent research centre dedicated to hardwood trees – Paradise Wood. He was a founding member of the British & Irish Hardwoods Improvement Programme, now the Future Trees Trust. He is a committee member of the Forestry Commission‘s Regional Advisory Committee for the South East, and has played an active role in the Institute of Chartered Foresters (former Council member and a professional examiner), of which he is a Fellow.

Gabriel is currently working with the Evidence-Based Forestry project and NaturEtrade.

Selected Publications