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Academic Profile

Lebo is a D.Phil. student based at the Long-Term Ecology Laboratory, Biodiversity Institute, Oxford. She holds an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Management from the Oxford University Centre for the Environment. Prior to this she obtained a BA in Environmental Sciences from the University of Botswana where she was honored with a John Cooke award for the best graduating student in Environmental Sciences.

Current research

The Okavango Delta system in Botswana is one of the few remaining large wetlands in the world and has been ranked by various institutions as one of the most ‘ecologically critical regions’ in the world. As a result it has attracted a lot of attention from conservationists around the world. However, scientific studies in the Okavango Delta, particularly those informing the recently developed Okavango Delta Management Plan (ODMP), are based on short term data. Such short term records present a very static viewpoint of the ecosystem where the present status of the system is regarded as ‘stable’ and therefore must be maintained. Adopting a multi-proxy approach, my research will reconstruct past vegetation dynamics in the Delta to provide a detailed temporal understanding of the system’s response to disturbance. A better understanding of  the dynamics is of importance for the management of the ecosystem and will contribute to shaping policies and be incorporated into conservation management and planning for the Okavango Delta in the future.


Lebo has worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Environmental Science, University of Botswana and most recently has been in Environmental Consulting as a Biodiversity Specialist. She has had the opportunity to lead and coordinate a team of consultants in developing Botswana’s National Biodiversity Report submitted to the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2009.

Selected Publications