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The Zambezi


This is a 3 year Leverhulme Trust funded project (commencing October 2010) in collaboration with Professor David Thomas and Professor Kathy Willis focused on environmental change in western Zambia and the interrelationship between the hydrological systems of the Okavango and the Zambezi.

Palaeolithic mega-lakes and early human occupation of the Kalahari

This pilot project aims to develop the first detailed understanding of the spatio-temporal relationship between human occupation and environmental and hydrological change. This joint Oxford- National Museum of Botswana collaborative project (funded by the Boise Fund, Oxford and the Royal Geographical Society) commenced in July 2008 and combines differential GPS mapping (NERC Geophysical Equipment Funding) of palaeolithic surface scatters and lakebed topography with environmental reconstruction through the application of palaeoecology, sedimentology and luminescence dating.

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