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Resource About
Global Pollen Project The Global Pollen Project aims to enable people to share and identify pollen grains, and create an open, free and accessible reference library for pollen identification. All data, whether individual grains or digitised reference collections, is available free for non-commercial use.

The project has been designed and created by Andrew Martin and William J. Harvey to improve the struggles of palynologists the world over. From trying to identify those elusive grains, to finding reference material for which to compare your grains to, the project aims to educate and incite growth in this scientific field as well as to reduce “stresses” associated with the discipline.

Evidence Maps

From time to time we publish interactive evidence-based maps on a variety of ecological and environmental subjects.

Physical Pollen Reference Collections

The Long-Term Ecology Lab has a substantial collection of British and European pollen reference material, as well as new collections from Madagascar, East Africa and the Galapagos islands.

Software for Tree Ring Research

Macias-Fauria et al. (2012 – Dendrochronologia 30, 179–187) describe methodologies implemented in two programs: reconstats and correl. Here you can download Matlab and Windows executable packages that you may run to calibrate and verify our own data.

Laboratory Protocols for Long-Term Ecology

We are experienced in the use of a variety of sedimentary proxies. Our protocols are available for you to adapt for your own use.