Oxford Long-Term Ecology Lab

Long-Term Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship Technologies

Long-Term Ecology

The history of biodiversity and ecosystems

We undertake fieldwork globally to collect environmental data, including using paleo-ecological methods. We also make use of existing spatiotemporal datasets to generate novel datasets on the distribution of biodiversity.

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Long-Term Ecological Proxies

Resource Stewardship Technologies

Tools to inform environmental descision making

Robust ecological, socio-economic information is important for planning, accounting, and reporting at local and national levels. We are developing techniques and tools that make a contribution to resource stewardship and ecosystem services assessments.

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Biodiversity & Conservation

Species and ecosystems

We study how disturbances alter the biodiversity and functioning of natural ecosystems. Our aim is to provide policy and management solutions for complex social, economic and environmental challenges.

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Lab News

March 8, 2019

NaturEtrade – creating a marketplace for ecosystem services

Over the last five years the Oxford Long-term Ecology lab has been working with Sylva Foundation and other departments at the University of Oxford to create a marketplace for ecosystem services. The NaturEtrade project was funded by the EU’s Life programme and the University of Oxford (mainly through the Oxford Martin School's Biodiversity Institute). The project has now come to a close and the project consortium is keen to hear from current and potential users about the demonstration ... Continue reading

August 20, 2018

New systematic review on ecological impacts of forest burning

In view of the media focus on forest fires and their impacts, even in 'the wrong countries', a new systematic review of prescribed burning is timely. Prescribed burning, also known as controlled burning or planned burning, is used as an active management tool to enhance and maintain habitats for biodiversity outcomes. Prescribed burning is also commonly used for the purpose of mitigating wildfire risk by managing the accumulation of fuel in forests when and where necessary. The review ... Continue reading

August 2, 2018

OxLEL Associate is new lecturer in Teesside

From August 2018, OxLEL Associate Dr Ambroise Baker will take up a role as Lecturer in Biology at Teesside University, School of Engineering, Science and Design, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, UK. He will be contributing to Biological and Environmental Science teaching as well as developing research. His teaching and research are focussed on understanding how biodiversity and ecosystems respond to environmental change. This understanding is critically important to developing evidence-based policies to conserve ... Continue reading

July 31, 2018

Exploring land manager views of payments for ecosystem services, networks and learning

A new report has been published exploring land manager views of the concept of payments for ecosystem services, land manager networks and social learning amongst woodland owners and managers in England. The work, led by Forest Research was an extension of British Woodlands Survey 2017, led by Sylva Foundation in collaboration with OxLEL, the Woodland Trust and Forest Research. The main findings were that many land managers were not familiar with the term ecosystem services or ... Continue reading

July 27, 2018

Using an Ecosystem Services perspective to assess biofuel sustainability

A special Issue has just been published by Biomass and Bioenergy (Volume 114, July 2018), edited by past and present members of OxLEL Alex Gasparatos, Carla Romeu-Dalmau and Kathy Willis, together with colleagues G.von Maltitz, F.X.Johnson, C.B.Jumbe and P.Stromberg. The Special Issue explores how the ecosystem services perspective can provide this conceptual framework to identify and systematize biofuel trade-offs, as well as develop tools to assess them. The Special Issue highlights how the ... Continue reading

Research Blog

Launch of the latest phase of the Local Ecological Footprinting Tool (LEFT) – 7th October 2016 – 5.00 – 6.30pm – Oxford Martin School

By Alistair Yeomans on October 6, 2016

We will be launching the Local Ecological Footprinting Tool (LEFT) on Friday 7th October in Oxford. This is the latest development phase of our web-based decision support tool for assessing risk in environmental management – https://www.left.ox.ac.uk/ (see brief details below) ... Continue reading

Latest on the Humbug project

By Dr. Marianne Sinka on October 3, 2016

Our database of mosquito recordings is growing with considerable help from the CDC in Atlanta, Dr Sheila Ogoma at USAMRU-Kenya, Alex Fyfe at the Jenner institute amongst others; it now contains several thousand recordings including free flying, non-tethered recordings of ... Continue reading

Money well spent? – Conservation in Europe

By Henrik Hannemann on September 28, 2016

Preservation of biodiversity within Europe is widely acknowledged as an important goal not only for the intrinsic value of biodiversity but also the important assets it provides ... Continue reading