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The mapping user interface for NaturEtrade


The overall aim of NaturEtrade is to develop an innovative solution to the loss of ecologically-rich land in Europe.

This innovative project will work with landowners and businesses in different European countries to explore how they would utilise the tools and technologies we develop to trade in the commodity ‘ecosystem services’. The project will develop a set of tools and technologies that bridges the gap between academic research and policy on ecosystem service provision, and its dissemination to private and public landowners.

In spite of their importance in sustaining human well-being, ecosystem services have not commonly been an object of private-market transactions. As a result, where ecosystem services are recompensed, it is almost exclusively via government incentives or charitable donation.

NaturEtrade was conceived as a tool to complement biodiversity offsetting schemes and help facilitate private markets for ecosystem services to develop, while simultaneously supporting improved ecosystem service provision by government and charities.

NaturEtrade will be a free, easy-to-use, web-based, ecosystem service evaluation tool and trading platform that will enable landowners to measure the ecosystem services provided by their lands, and facilitate beneficiaries of ecosystem services to contract with landowners for the continued and enhanced provision of these services. These ecosystem services are soil erosion, water regulation provision, pollination services, carbon sequestration, and cultural and recreational values. The ecosystem services embedded in NaturEtrade will also be available in a stand-alone tool, EcoSET, that can be used for assessing landuse changes and ecological values of land under management.

The project website and prototype trading platform is at NaturEtrade

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